Deana Hassanein on dealing with 'stupid men' online, what she learned from reaching burn out, and the songs you should add to your Spotify playlist
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Katayoun Jalilipour on searching for queerness in Iran's Qajar dynasty, Christian sainthood, and what it means to be Iranian enough.
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Stephanie Shakay Tierney on the Scottish witch trials, the Armenian Genocide, and the importance of remembering the past
Alya Mooro on what it means to be your most authentic self, a move away from oversharing, and what romantic relationships can tell us about the world
Danny Hajjar on facilitating connections, the Arab artists breaking boundaries, his thoughts on Taylor Swift, and getting MENA on the census
Donia Ismail on how even journalists need a break from the news, making diaspora kids feel seen, and being Algerian, Egyptian and French all at once.
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